About Us

About Paarsa Wahid

Welcome to Paarsa Wahid, your destination for finely crafted leather accessories. We are more than a business; we’re a close-knit family striving to infuse our passion for handmade leather products into every piece we create.

About Paarsa Wahid

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Our Journey

The origins of Paarsa Wahid trace back to a shared appreciation for the artistry of leather craftsmanship. As a family unit, we recognized the potential to turn our creative energy into something extraordinary. This realization marked the inception of Paarsa Wahid, a venture that lets us combine our design finesse with the talents of seasoned artisans in India.

Handcrafted Excellence from Paarsa Wahid

We take immense pride in our production hub situated in India, we design all our products in England and skilled artisans transform raw leather into exquisite treasures and finally we personally and individually Quality Check the each single products which make us unique because our main aim is to deliver best quality products to our valued customers.

Personalized with Dedication

Every item in our collection bears the mark of meticulous attention to detail and is infused with our dedication. We go the extra mile to meet your desires for personalized engravings and distinctive embellishments. Our mission is to produce pieces that mirror your uniqueness and become cherished possessions.

Global Reach and Sustainability

Though we are a small family enterprise, our reach extends worldwide. Through our global shipping options, our creations can reach you, no matter where you are. We are committed to sustainable practices, thoughtfully sourcing our materials to minimize our environmental footprint.

Customer Satisfaction

As a family-led business, your satisfaction is paramount to us. We are unwavering in our commitment to provide exceptional customer service, making every interaction with us a delightful experience. We appreciate the trust you place in us and are dedicated to surpassing your expectations at every turn.

Join Our Journey

Thank you for selecting Paarsa Wahid and joining us on our family's journey. We extend an invitation to experience the pleasure of owning handmade leather accessories crafted with love. Reach out to us at info@paarsawahid.com to share your stories, requests, and thoughts. Together, let's celebrate the timeless allure of handmade leather accessories and the warmth of familial love that imbues them.


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